Global Hydrogen Alternative Solution - Mission Statement ___________________________________________

Our goal at GHAS is to dramatically and positively impact our environment and economy by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels on a global scale by making existing technology available to the general public.

GHAS is a company founded solely on the idea of doing what is right.  Right is respecting our resources and being environmentally conscious.  Right is making the future better for our children.  Right is working together to improve this great nation.  Right needs to happen... right now.
The United States is at a crossroads.  Not only does our carbon footprint continue to grow exponentially, but our dependence on foreign oil continues to hinder our potential as a nation.  Meanwhile, technologies exist that can break our chains of dependence as well as enable future generations to inherit an environment we can all be proud of.
We believe hydrogen is the answer for our main alternative fuel.  Yes, the lightest most abundant element found on earth.  There are two primary reasons that hydrogen is the future of fueling our automobiles.  First, when current vehicles burn gas, they produce many pollutants such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide into the air that contribute to global warming.  Hydrogen vehicles on the other hand combine hydrogen with oxygen and emit water vapor into the atmosphere, which is a considerable improvement over our current system.  Secondly, we continue to see daily reminders of our dependence on foreign oil.  Current gas prices are near $4 /gallon with no cap in sight.  Many economists predict prices to be well over $5 /gallon in less than two years.  It takes fuel not only to run our personal vehicles but also every other vehicle that transports goods to the consumer.  We are seeing price increases at the pump, as well as increases being passed on from retailers we do business with on a daily basis (i.e., grocery stores with increased food prices, airline companies through increased ticket prices, and electric companies through increased costs to heat/cool our homes, just to name a few).  Projections for hydrogen fuel costs are in the $1.55 to $1.95 (equivalent to gallon) pre-tax range.  With a transition to hydrogen we will not only keep more money in our pockets and lessen our dependence on OPEC (The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), but also, and perhaps most importantly, improve the condition of our environment.  When we can reduce our dependence on current gas supplies by 20-30%, we will see a reduction in pricing across the board on all items affected by fuel prices. 

Why aren't we there yet? _______________________________________________________________________

There are two main components to a hydrogen fuel infrastructure: vehicles and fueling stations.  Each has been in development for years.  The few hydrogen fueling stations available now are either government or oil-company owned.  We know how inefficiently the government operates.  We also understand the oil companies are hard pressed to make any changes with the record profits they are reporting each quarter.  The next part of the equation is the vehicles that will be filling up at these fueling stations.  It may surprise you to know that the following manufactures currently make a hydrogen vehicle: Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daihatsu, Fiat, Ford (7 models), GM (8 models), Honda (3 models), Hyundai (2 models), Kia, Mazda (2 Models), Mercedes (2 models), Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Suzuki, Toyota (2 models), and Volkswagen (2 Models). Several manufactures are not only making hydrogen cars but some are making hydrogen buses.  Because hydrogen is not available to the general public in most places, the demand for hydrogen vehicles is not in place for manufacturers to produce them on a large scale, making them affordable.  This presents the proverbial chicken-or-the-egg scenario.  If hydrogen fuel can be produced and sold for under $2 per gallon (equivalent), what are we waiting for? Not only would we help our economy by creating auto manufacturing and sales jobs, through increased sales of new vehicles, and reducing cost of living expenses by lowering fuel cost, we would be doing something good for the environment. Whether you believe the global warming theories or not, it would only help the environment to reduce pollution from fossil fuel burning vehicles.
Keep in mind, our economy is based on supply and demand.  Once hydrogen fueling stations become readily available, car manufacturers will be competing to develop the best, safest and most cost effective vehicles for the future.  A prime example is the current hybrid market.  Demand has risen and availability is increasing and as a result, prices are continuing to go down.  At GHAS, we intend to deliver fueling options for hydrogen vehicles.  Remember, supply equals demand.  We will not experience immediate gratification but we must start somewhere. 

Why is GHAS different? ________________________________________________________________________

Two main obstacles have previously plagued hydrogen as an alternative from current fossil fuels.  Transportation of the fuel is not effective due to larger volumes necessary to carry a high volume gas, such as hydrogen.  Secondly, most current production of hydrogen as a fuel is done through conversion using grid power or fossil fuels.  Both issues lessen the net positive effect on the environment.  At GHAS, we will solve the first problem by creating the hydrogen fuel at the fueling station.  The hydrogen will be created through electrolysis using natural renewable resources such as wind and solar power, not from the power grid.  Once we reach storage capacity at a location, we will actually be able to put electricity back into the power grid.  As a backup to wind and solar power, we will have the ability to run the location off the hydrogen we produce.  These solutions create a large net reduction in pollution and cost of production that are passed on to the consumer. 

How can you be involved? _____________________________________________________________________

We need your support.  Involvement of everyday people is necessary.  Can you imagine saving up to thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs and helping save the environment at the same time?  This vision can become a reality the sooner we get everyone involved.  Here is our plan.  If just 10% of the driving population in the U.S. purchased our Full Tank Support Option at $59.95, GHAS would be able to install roughly 900 to 1100 hydrogen fueling stations.  You can help change the world for less than the price of a current tank of gas.  Any level of support will make a difference.  With every purchase, GHAS marketing material will be sent to you to provide additional information about the company as well as serve as a reminder and a token of thanks for the contribution you have made to the future of our country.  We believe in the end your contribution will have a greater effect on our nation than any pamphlet, bumper sticker or brochure we could send you. 

The amount of money spent on the personal packages you will see back in the form of discounts on your purchases from our fueling locations. As an example the the $19.95 package has a 5% discount that only takes 67 gallons purchase per month for the 90 days to more than return the $19.95. These discount cards do not expire and only become active after you redeem your certificate as a fueling station opens in your area. They can be used by anyone in your family and are not limited to one person or vehicle.
We are offering both individual and corporate levels of contribution.  Choose from this list, the level of involvement you wish.

Personal Packages __________________________________________________________________________________

1 Gallon Support = $3.99

You Receive – Bumper Sticker


¼ Tank Support = $19.95

You Receive – Bumper Sticker, Pamphlet and 5% discount for 90 days at company owned fueling stations


½ Tank Support = $29.95

You Receive – Limited Time Early Bird Special: 30 days of free fuel, Bumper Sticker, Pamphlet, 10% discount for 1 year at company owned fueling stations


Full Tank Support = $59.95

You Receive – Limited Time Early Bird Special: 60 days of free fuel, 2 Bumper Stickers, 2 Pamphlets, 20% discount for 1 year at company owned fueling stations


Family Fill Up Support = $199.95

You Receive – Limited Time Early Bird Special: 90 days of free fuel, 3 Bumper Stickers, 3 Pamphlets, 20% discount for 2 years at company owned fueling stations


Neighborhood Fill Up Support = $999.95

You receive – 10 Bumper Stickers, 10 Pamphlets, Monthly Newsletter and 25% Discount for 2 year at company owned fueling stations


Tanker Truck Support = $3,999.95

You Receive – 40 Bumper Stickers, 40 Pamphlets, Monthly Newsletter and bi-monthly email updates with new location announcements and 25% discount for 5 years at company owned fueling stations


Station Support = $9,999.95

You Receive – 100 Bumper Stickers, 100 Pamphlets, Monthly Newsletter, bi-monthly email updates, and 10% discount for life from company owned fueling stations


Global Support = $49,999.95

You Receive – 100 Bumper Stickers, 100 Pamphlets, Monthly Newsletter, bi-monthly email updates, and 20% discount for life from company owned fueling stations, Website Recognition


To pay by check, use address below.

Company / Corporate Support ________________________________________________________________

Location Owner = $99,999
You Receive – 500 Bumper Stickers, 500 Pamphlets, Monthly Newsletter, bi-monthly email updates, large permanent link on web site, and Your own hydrogen fueling location installed at cost

Bronze Corporate Sponsor = $9,999
You Receive – 100 Bumper Stickers, 100 Pamphlets, Monthly Newsletter, bi-monthly email updates, and small rotating link on website

Silver Corporate Sponsor = $24,999
You Receive – 200 Bumper Stickers, 200 Pamphlets, Monthly Newsletter, bi-monthly email updates, and large rotating link on website

Gold Corporate Sponsor = $49,999
You Receive – 500 Bumper Stickers, 500 Pamphlets, Monthly Newsletter, bi-monthly email updates, and small permanent link on website

Platinum Corporate Sponsor = $99,999
You Receive – 500 Bumper Stickers, 500 Pamphlets, Monthly Newsletter, bi-monthly email updates, and larger permanent link on website.


For as little as the price of a gallon of fuel, you can make a difference.  Be expecting the above mentioned items for whatever participation level you chose to be involved.  We hope all of you see that our dream can become a reality for us and all future generations.  As mentioned earlier, government inefficiencies and big oil profits have created a situation in which we as consumers have no choice.  We have no choice but to purchase current fossil fuel.  We have no choice but to purchase vehicles that require this fuel in order to run.  Through no fault of our own, we have become part of the problem.  Our only choice now is to stop waiting around and make a change.  With support from everyone, we can make this change.  We can have a choice in the vehicle we purchase and the fuel it takes to run that vehicle. Be looking for a new GHAS station coming soon to your area.  We thank you in advance for your support.  
Together, we can become part of the solution.  Together, we can make right happen right now!


To pay by check, use address below.

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